Towing Services

Proline Towing
If you have been in an accident, let Proline Body & Chassis handle towing your car to our shop! We will arrange to send the right equipment to pickup your car as quick and safe as possible!

Towing Frequently Asked Questions

My car is AWD, will the right tow truck be used?

Yes! Proline will use a flatbed tow truck.  We will verify all specifications of the car before sending a tow truck to pickup your car.

How much does towing cost?

Some of the factors that determine the cost of a tow job are:

  1. The distance (miles) to pickup the vehicle.
  2. The type of car or SUV, larger vehicles require larger tow trucks.
  3. Does the vehicle have AWD.
  4. Is the car drivable.

These are all factors in determining the cost of a tow.