Paintless Dent Repair Specialists

Paintless Dent Repair, commonly known as PDR, is the process of repairing door dents, hail damage, and even some larger damage without the use of bondo or paint. A trained and skilled dent repair technician uses a variety of tools to access the dent from the backside of the panel and then slowly, push by push, massages and reshapes the dented panel to its pre-damage condition. If repaired properly, often the the damaged area can be entirely restored whether it be a common door ding, hail damage, or even a larger dent.
Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair:
  • Cost- Significantly cheaper than conventional body repair (often by 30-50%)
  • Value- Unlike conventional body shop repair, PDR does not harm your vehicle’s factory finish, thus maintaining the value of your vehicle. Some are not aware that a conventional repair actually decreases the value of your vehicle.
  • Time- Repairs usually require 2-4 hours

PDR Frequently Asked Questions

Is Paintless Dent Repair safe for my vehicle?

PDR is one of the safest options available for your vehicle. Unlike other methods, we use no harsh chemicals, paint, or filler. Our process is in fact a form of fine metal work that restores your vehicle’s value through entirely safe methods.

Can any dent be fixed?

No. The most important factors in determining if a dent can be repaired by Paintless Dent Repair are depth and location. Dents the size of a dinner plate or larger can be fixed successfully, as long as they are not too deep, or twisted. On the other hand, some dents that are as small as a dime, but very deep, cannot be fixed using Paintless Dent Repair because the metal is too stretched. Cracked paint can also be an indication that a dent is too deep. The most common dents fixed are the size of a golf ball and under. About 95% of minor dents can be repaired, leaving about 5% of minor dents that can’t be fixed due to depth or location. Areas such as some quarter panel opening lips, some forward areas of heavily braced hoods, or the very edges of some panels are examples of bad locations.

Will my paint be damaged?

No. Today’s factory paints are very flexible and will not be damaged in any way by this process. Paintless Dent Repair is the only way to repair a dent and still keep your factory paint.

How much does Paintless Dent Repair cost?

Some of the factors that determine the cost of a PDR job are:

  1. The number of dents on the vehicle.
  2. The size of the dents on the vehicle.
  3. The depth of the dents on the vehicle.
  4. The type of metal.
  5. The location of the dents on the vehicle.

I've got lots of dents, do you have a discount for more than one dent?

Yes, we offer discounts for multiple dents. If you have more than one minor dent on a panel, we can generally include those dents for very little extra, depending on the sizes and number of dents. If your car has a lot of minor dents, we offer a per car price that is very reasonable.