Proline Family Promise

Proline partnered with Family Promise to give back to the community!

In December 2014, Proline Body & Chassis was asked by our insurance partner Farmer’s if they would be willing to help out Family Promise of Union County by fixing a car for a good cause and of course Proline was happy to help!

Family Promise partnered with Farmers Insurance to present her very own car.  The Ford Taurus was part of Farmers’ “Rides of Hope” initiative, which provides refurbished vehicles to families in need nationwide. Farmers selected a slightly damaged car from their salvage pool and worked with Keystone Auto Parts, who provided the parts, and Proline Body and Chassis, who supplied the labor, to restore the car to like-new status.

Nyeema Thomas, a single mother with two young children, and currently a guest in Family Promise’s Union County program, was selected as the ideal recipient of the donation. Although Thomas and her family are currently homeless, she does have a job. However, her commute to work on public transportation takes nearly an hour each way.

“My birthday was last month and Geleen Donovan, Union County’s director, asked me what I could use that would benefit me and my kids,” said Thomas. “I told her a bus pass would be very helpful. She said, ‘What about a car?’ I said, ‘Miss Geleen, stop kidding. That’s a little bit too much to ask for.’ And she said, ‘Well, you never know.’ When the donation actually came through I was so shocked and excited. This will allow me to spend more time with my children and help move further in my life and get beyond the situation I’m in.”

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